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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is RAW Bluffing CIA?

Kashmir Watch, October 7
By Zaheerul Hassan
After disintegration of Russia dynamic changes are being viewed as regards to world, regional and national politics. The cold war replaced into economic war and Uni-Polar System emerged. China verses US , South verses North Korea, Washington verses Europe , Pakistan verses India , Israel verses Middle East Countries, Bangladesh verses India and Sri Lanka verses India are clear cut examples of unjust policies of uni-polar system. The common interests brought the past enemies (India and US) too close to each other .The political bosses of Western Europe, India and America put their intelligence agencies on a track to undertake overt and covert operations against Pakistan, China, Korea, Japan and Iran with a view to complete and achieve their strategic goals and long term objectives. Their intelligence agencies (RAW, Mossad, Khad and MI-6) are strongly believed in everything fair in love and war. They started targeting Intelligence agencies of Russia, china and Pakistan. Somehow, after myth of 9 / 11 Bush Administration and its allies converted under hand adventures into an open operation against Islamic Countries, China and Korea. Japan by compulsion was also forced to favour all US actions against Iraq and Iran. The leaderships of NATO countries have pushed their forces in war on terror without realizing the true essence of war in South Asia. The exploitation of war by India, US and NATO indicates that either these allies are determined to destabilize the region or RAW in collaboration with Kabul government bluffing CIA while supporting militant’s heads for carrying out saboteur activities in Pakistan.
As result of war on terror in Afghanistan, India got an excellent chance to implement her agenda of further division of Pakistan through destabilizing, fading and supporting anti state elements in FATA, Baluchistan and Sind. Under the garb of US ally in war against terror, India has opened 17 consulates along the border and established more than 100 training camps to launch clandestine operation in FATA and in rest of Pakistan. The critical, adverse and continuously deteriorated situation of FATA particularly of Bajure reflects the true picture of intervention of Afghanistan. Reportedly, most of the leaders are being funded and supported by Kabul and New Delhi. On Septembers 29, 2008 A former army Chief of Pakistan Army General Mirza Aslam Beg while commenting the France ? India ? US pacts over nuclear issues told to a leading News paper” Dawn “ that Pakistan is being ‘encircled’ by the United State, India, NATO and the European Union under a well thought-out plan. He asked the government to review its defence and foreign policies to deal with the challenges ahead. He disclosed that last week India and Afghanistan had signed a defence pact according to which India would be deploying some 150,000 troops in Afghanistan by the end of next year. Meanwhile, India has also increasing its forces in Kapwara valley of Kashmir. She recently moved her 7000 troops in the valley to tackle the liberation movement and again escalating the state brutality against innocent inhabitants. General (Retired) Aslam very rightly unveiled the American designs for global primacy and preeminence which is under defeat as a result of Islamic resistance force, establishing new parameters of global peace and harmony.
India and US has signed an agreement for strategic partnership after which the US declared Afghanistan part of South Asia. Thus, New Dehli establish a very strong intelligence network in Afghanistan “which works against all countries in its neighborhood. This network is supported by in collaboration with CIA and other foreign intelligence agencies.
in fact, RAW which earlier started working with foreign intelligence set up in elimination of Al- Qaeda and construction of Afghanistan but slowly and gradually hijacked the war on terror and converted all efforts just to fight its sole interest of causing and creating disturbance in FATA. Some of the reports are available on media that India is supplementary anti Pakistan elements in creation of new Islamic Ummarat of Waziristan. The area of their interest is from Bajure to Waziristan. Earlier in September, 2008 Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major-Gen Athar Abbas took around 50 journalists including foreigners, to Bajaur. Major General Tariq Khan FC commandant briefed that over 1,000 militants had been killed including prominent commanders in the operation so far. Both Generals further revealed that the foreigners killed in the operation belonged to various countries, including Egypt, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and other Arab states. Basically, most of these foreign fighters are hiring and entering from the unguarded border of central Asia. The point to be noted here that Pakistan do not has any land or sea link directly to Central Asian Republic Countries, so maximum entries are through Afghanistan. Pakistan is facing terrorism as a result of Afghanistan instability and direct involvement of India supported by US. If Afghanistan is serious in cubing terrorism, she must seal its border with central Asian countries. Pakistan has already launched this suggestion of closing of her western border many times but US and Afghanistan is not serious to settle this issue.
However Pakistan government, its Armed Forces, Security and Intelligence agencies have started the operation against foreigners with the help of brave tribes in FATA. Locals of the area started organizing the “Lashkars” to fight against the militants. Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Lt General Muhammad Masood Aslam have spent their Eid Days with the troops fighting against militants. They praised the high moral of the troops and cooperation displayed by the locals in abolition of the terrorists. Commander 11 Corps also emphasized that success in this operation is directly linked with the public support and people must come out to throw the terrorist out from Swat and Bajure.
On October 5, 2008 President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani decided to hold in-camera briefing to the joint sitting of parliament on the prevailing security situation of the country. President also going to invite Mian Nawaz Sharif to ensure the presence of his party's parliamentarians in the briefing, while the prime minister would contact MQM chief Altaf Hussain, opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and all other parliamentary leaders of various political parties. The joint session of parliament on October 08 would definitely help in devising, adopting and implementation of new policy on war against extremism. The parliamentarian will deliberate on actual position of on going operation in FATA. The session would give message to US and its allies to be mind full while taking any action against the sovereignty of a nuclear state.
Coming back to the title question arise in the minds that creation of pro - Islamic buffer state between two countries couple with the destabilization of Pakistan would be in the interest of US and Nato or not. The answer will certainly no to it, because such type of state will exert against the European and American interests in the region and would also be dangerous to India where already more than 18 corer Muslim population residing under the pathetic conditions. The religiously motivated Muslims of new state may carry out suicidal missions in India with the help of crushed people of Asam and other parts of Maha Bharat. Indian government is already involved in state terrorism against Muslims, Christians and Sikhs. After departing of US led Nato forces, Indian liberation movements would get strength from those activists which are being launched against Pakistan now.
As per report published on internet , On September 23 ,2008 Russian Military Analysts reported in the Kremlin that the massive blast that caused 53 deaths at the Islamabad Marriott hotel in Pakistan was an operation conducted by India’s foreign intelligence agency The Research and Analysis Wing [RAW] in an attempt to ‘decapitate’ Pakistan’s entire leadership. India had become ‘alarmed’ by the United States and Pakistan’s ISI plan. Thus reports further confitming that RAW is fully involved in tarnishing the efforts of elimination
But unforutnatly CIA alongwith western media istead curtailing RAW activites is busy in defaming ISI and Pakistan Security Force’s efforts regarding war on terror . Recently a report marked confidential and bearing the official seal of Spain's Defense Ministry charges that Pakistan's spy service (ISI) was helping Taliban insurgents in 2005 for assassination plots against the Afghan government and procuring roadside bombs for Taliban . Chief Pakistani army spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas said the Spanish report was "baseless, unfounded and part of a malicious, well-orchestrated propaganda campaign to malign the first line of defence i.e. ISI,
Top brass of US and western leadership must realize hat Pakistan is fighting war on terror by paying the heavy toll of lives of brave soldiers of security forces and resources. Any effort of its destabilizing, further division , tarnishing the image of intelligence / security agencies , funding to militant’s head s by RAW , creating un - rest and violence of boundaries by US drones will certainly damage the war against extremism and resulted into horrible defeat of US led forces. The military solution to the current regional War is not the only answer, peace agreements and talks are essential for establishment of permanent peace. NATO Commander General David and British commander Brig Smith also endorsed that issue of Afghan war be resolved politically through peace agreement. In short apparently it seems that RAW is bluffing CIA on the issue of War against terror in the region to complete Indian evil designs, thus US led NATO Forces and CIA must endeavor for disallowing RAW from their hijacking.The Author can be reached at

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