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Saturday, January 3, 2009

India, a serious threat to Pakistan

Kashmir Watch, Jan 3By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
India glorifies falsehood as much as its media magnify trivia to boost its "victim" image abroad. At present, emulating the US, India has described Pakistan as the epicenter of terrorism and has desired to carry out surgical strikes on the suspected targets. Since Nov26, 2008 while manipulating the Mumbai tragedy and concealing Hindu terrorists, the real culprits behind it, India has been accusing Pakistan’s banned Lashkar-i-Taiba and Jamaatud Dawa, linking intelligence agency ISI in this regard. And, without showing any solid evidence in relation to Mumbai terror attacks, India has embarked upon a war-like posture against Pakistan. FBI, which was also called in to investigate the Mumbai attack, after several hours of interrogating the sole survivor from the terror gang, concluded that ISI had no complicity in the terror attack.
I- Indian Threat India said it would target 5000 points for Israeli type attacks in Pakistan The report identifies four main Pakistani locations as targets: 1. Pakistani Kashmir where scores if not hundreds of extremist Muslim training facilities are situated - many of them ISI-run and funded; 2. Punjab in eastern Pakistan on the border of northern India; 3. Pakistan's southern coast - from Karachi north to Gwadar, close to the Iranian border. Indian intelligence (RAW) has "evidence" that this strip was where the terrorists who besieged Mumbai ten days ago were trained for their assault. Earlier India declared that the "Pakistani terrorists" had a target of 5000 persons in Mumbai Nov26, but India now says it has identified 5000 targets for terror attacks in Pakistan and it means it, like what Israel does in Palestine, India would kill as many people as possible in Pakistan and Kashmir and terrorize Indian Muslims.. Israeli voluntary, humanitarian organization ZAKA dispatched a team of volunteers and paramedics in the wee hours of November 27, only a few hours into the Mumbai attack, to aid the terror victims. The head of the ZAKA team in Mumbai, Haim Weingarten, in a telephonic interview to the "The Jerusalem Post" on December 1, 2008 charged that the Jewish hostages in the Chabad House may have been killed by Indian elite National Security Guard commandos, and not by the terrorists. Mumbai Nov26 remains a mystery even today. India expected Pakistan would respond positively to Indian threat perceptions and help India close the Mumbai chapter. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in a policy statement issued reiterated his stance on cooperating on a joint investigation into the Mumbai incidents. But Islamabad declined to play second fiddle to New Delhi. Pakistan on 30 December said there were "positive" developments in its relations with India during the last 48 hours amid reports that the United States has backed Islamabad’s demand for "concrete evidence" before taking action against the Mumbai attack suspects New Delhi has named. A relatively neutral source has also exposed Indian complicity in the macabre Mumbai terror attack. Last month, the Indian Minority Affairs Minister Abdul Rahman Antulay disclosed in the Lok Sabha that the killing of Anti-Terrorism Squad Chief Hemant Karkare in Mumbai during terror attacks was a conspiracy. A terror prone India remains serious threat not only to vulnerable sections in the country, but also people in the neighborhoods, Kashmir, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. Mumbai Taj and the other 5star hotel have resumed their business, defying the Indian media-cum intelligence claim for equal status with Sept 11 event and using that ploy to come still closer to USA. Soon after the Nov26, India contacted all possible sources for military help for a quick and US-type attack on Pakistan. December 4, 2008 another state terrorist Israel was asked for assistance by India in fixing up Pakistan because its special undercover forces were long seasoned in plotting and executing reprisals for terrorist attacks; above all, they were expert in getting away after covert operations without leaving a trail. New Delhi wants its commando operations in Pakistan to be stealthy and focused, and does not propose to admit responsibility. II - An Ill-focused India on Islamabad Right from 1947 when Pakistan came into being, India always searches for opportunities to snub Pakistan’s leaders. India links each Indian terrorism with Pakistan as a routine administrative and media matter. Nov26 gave New Delhi another chance for that. Once again India tried it terrorism bogie to brand Pakistan a terrorist nation and make room entering the notorious UNSC and decide the fate of global nations. But, alas, the self-orchestrated Mumbai carnage has exposed the ugly face of India. Unfortunately, this repulsive visage of Islamabad's eastern neighbor has been hidden from the west; it is only India’s neighbors, who have been subjected to its hegemony and intimidating behaviors, can vouch for it. To the west, India wants to present the countenance of a peace-loving but mature nation, oppressed by a neighbor like Pakistan, which is bent upon terrorizing it through its sponsored fanatics, determined to exporting its brand of violence to India and the west. The truth is quite to the contrary. Time has proved that the various ploys were also orchestrated by perpetrators from the Saffron Brigade. Last year's bomb attack on the Samjhota Express, which took a toll of 60 lives, majority of them Pakistanis, was initially blamed on ISI and Pakistan, but recently it was discovered that a serving Indian Military Intelligence officer, Lieutenant Colonel Srikant Prasad Prohit was involved in the heinous crime with other retired military personnel. It is no coincidence that the Indian Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) head Haimant Karkare, who was investigating Colonel Prohit's involvement in the Samjhota Express, Malegaon blast and a number of other terrorist attacks were among the first casualties of the Mumbai attack. The conscientious ATS head had been receiving death threats by BJP, RSS and other members of the Saffron Brigade, because he had found their links with the wave of terror unleashed by them and was on the verge of exposing them. It should have exposed India’s ugly face by proving that Azam Amir Kasab, had been kidnapped from Nepal two years earlier, as claimed by a Lahore-based lawyer. Kasab, who is singing like a canary, is an Indian plant and part of the gruesome plot to kill Haimant Karkare, blame Pakistan and subvert it. "Pakistan is a peace-loving country. We don't want to have war or aggression," Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said. We want to have friendly relations with our neighbors". He noted that "friendly countries" are working to defuse tension between India and Pakistan. His comments came a day after External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee suggested that Pakistan was trying to create 'war hysteria' to divert attention from the 'real issue' of taking action against those responsible for the Mumbai attacks. Mukherjee is understood to have conveyed this view to his counterparts from the US, Saudi Arabia, China and Iran when he talked to them. An official investigating the Malegaon Blast found guilty with Hindutva elements and military sources for the ghastly blast to blame Indian and Kashmir Muslims for that has been murdered by the Nov26 blast. Obviously it is the job of Indian agencies to finish off any body who finds fault with great Hindus, the so-called innocent “victims”. III- Nov26 Plank The moment the Mumbai terror attack commenced, without wasting a single breath, Indian media, its establishment and political leadership, in unison, as if following a printed script, began not only blaming Pakistan for the attack, but started threatening war. Its media channels were spewing venom. A current TV anchor went to the extent of demanding that Indian Air Force "carpet-bomb Pakistan". And the Indian terror force did that faithfully. Indian leaders showed the outline of this plan to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice when she visited last week. She commented guardedly that the USA was strongly opposed to a full-scale war between India and Pakistan but not averse to limited counter-terror operations. Indian TV channels have been showing crowds displaying banners expressing hatred and revulsion stating that “India and Pakistan can never become friends!" Such malice speaks volumes for Indian abhorrence for Pakistan and its people. Vengeance was unleashed on Pakistani artistes, sportsmen and artisans visiting India. Two Pakistani comedians entertaining Indian TV channels were forced to return to Pakistan. Sports fixtures were cancelled, and players, even world renowned cricket umpires like Asad Raoof were refused visa and the famous Pakistani singer Adnan Sami Khan, who has settled in Mumbai, enthralls Indian audiences with his music and even pays his taxes regularly, has been blackballed by friends and foes alike. Jagjit Singh the Indian maestro has been quoted as saying, "He (Adnan) had come here to become an actor and by mistake he became a singer. He can't even sing. People like him should be sent back to work there (Pakistan) because they make money in India and send it to Pakistan." An international bluffer and a state terrorist in Kashmir, India does not even keep it its commitment on Babri Mosque, refuses to give protection of salary and retirement benefits to Muslims employees in government services, but as a prime prerogative it warns it neighbors to fall in line. India has converted Kashmiris into a tribe of slaves, both pro-Kashmir and pro-India. By employing a tone of American arrogance, India, its strategic partner, arrogantly issues dictates to Pakistan implicating its in Mumbai Nov26. Now as it stands fully exposed as a state terrorist with Nov26, India tries to divert the global attention saying that Pakistan cannot escape its commitments on ending terrorism, and that it has kept all options open to make Islamabad do so but refused to specify if military action was being considered. Pakistan is seeking to cooperate with New Delhi provided India supplies credible evidence about involvement of Pakistanis. But India harps on the same theme: "We expect Pakistan to do whatever it has committed. We want it to fulfill its promises, fulfill its commitments as a responsible nation of the international community," says Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee, again a probable candidate for the Indian government's highest civilian award Bharat Ratna for his selfless and free service to nation since 1947, this year after losing the chance last year agreeing for a less award. The chief targets of MumbaiNov26 which India quickly compared with Sept11 of USA, two luxury hotels in Mumbai Trident-Oberoi and Taj Mahal Palace are re-opening, less than a month after they were heavily damaged in attacks. India claimed the Nov26 Mumbai terrorism was akin to Sept11 in USA. India has blamed the attacks on the Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). Both hotels were the scene of fierce battles between police and the gunmen that lasted for several days. Most of the damages were done by the counter-terrorism operations. India’s growing restlessness, a sign of self destruction, according to a former Gandhian PM, is quite understandable. Immediately after the Nov26 blasts, India proclaimed Deccan Mujahids, Pakistan and Taiba as the culprits, but in a couple of days after the counter- terrorism in Mumbai, Indian intelligence-cum-media clearly pointed to Pakistan as the terrorist state responsible for Nov26. India supplied a list of terrorists hiding in Pakistan immediately after the blasts in India. Pakistan cooperated with India on investigations and now India says, at least their loyal media say that they are clueless about Pakistan’s involvement in Nov26.By implicating Pakistan earlier, India indirectly put the blame on USA which is practically in charge of Pakistan, a major non-NATO ally. But now both USA and India have second thoughts, though a couple of Indian strategists still are focused on Islamabad. It seems India clearly suspects USA and its allies in the Mumbai mayhem. But as an emerging strategic partner with nuclear pacts, India has not choices but to say hello to USSA in English language. Amid mounting world pressure on it, Pakistan said it does not war with India and noted that 'friendly countries' are working to defuse tensions between the two neighbors. Pressure of the world community on India to give up false accusation tactics and come to terms with Pakistan and resolve the Kashmir issue would bring down the tempers. Pakistan is mounting, which is reflected by the latest statement by US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher, who said that perpetrators of the Mumbai terror attacks must be 'eliminated' and that Islamabad still does a 'lot to do' in combating terrorism. India is keen to divert the world attention from the involvement of Hindu and military leaders in Indian terrorism activities and the Mumbai Nov26 is a ploy for that to revisit its "victim" syndrome as the most effective tool. The Islamic "militant group" blamed by India for last month's attacks in Mumbai has vowed to continue its armed struggle against India 's hold over a part of the Muslim-majority region of Kashmir. A spokesman for Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) repeated the group's denial that it was behind the Mumbai carnage, as Indian officials allege. But under pressure from Indo-US lobbies, last week the UNSC sanctioned committee targeted four LeT members for an assets freeze and other sanctions. Under pressure from India and the United States, Pakistan has also cracked down on the group and an Islamic charity regarded as a front organization. But many have called on the UN to "review its decision, as our group has no links or relations with al-Qaeda and the Taliban". IV- Interpol As if on cue, Indian Air Force (IAF) fighters, armed to the teeth, violated Pakistan air space at exactly two of the envisaged targets, (i.e. close to Muridke near Lahore and Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir). The intruders did not get beyond four miles because of the vigilance of Pakistan's air defense alert. The IAF fighters turned tail, perhaps the fate of the two IAF intruders, during the Kargil episode, who were shot down by Pakistan and the pilots captured must still be fresh in their minds. USA asked Pakistan for a guarantee that Pakistan Air Force will not respond to Indian surgical strikes. General Kayani responded with showing Mullen a photograph of an IAF Mirage-2000 locked by Pakistan Air Forces’ F-16 taken on December 13. ‘Next time, we’ll bring it down’, USA was firmly told. To make sure the message was loud and clear, Pakistan Air Force jets started patrolling the skies in hot mode and a red-alert was issued throughout the country. The Indian war rhetoric has failed to impress Pakistan. Instead, the focus is now shifting to Indian intelligence agencies’ failure to put together credible evidence implicating Pakistan in the Mumbai attacks. An Interpol delegation, led by the body's chief Ronald K Noble, was in Pakistan to seek its cooperation to help identify "terrorists" worldwide, including those involved in the Mumbai Nob26, and to enhance cooperation in the war on terror. The briefing ascertains 'what additional intelligence about the suspects can be shared with Interpol's other 186 member countries'. The delegation took up these matters with Interior Ministry chief Rehman Malik, a close aide of President Asif Ali Zardari and other senior officials. The team is visiting Pakistan to seek the country's 'agreement to work through Interpol to help identify terrorists worldwide, including those behind the deadly November 26-29 terrorist bombings in Mumbai’, said a statement from Interpol. It discussed the ways in which Interpol can work with Pakistan 'in relation to the Mumbai bombings to enhance regional and global investigative efforts on the terrorist attacks'. Interpol also discussed the organization’s offer to deploy its advanced technology to secure Pakistan's borders by next year. The technology, known as MIND/FIND, enables immigration officials to carry out direct screening of passports and identity documents on a real-time basis against Interpol's global database of over 16 million stolen and lost travel documents. Noble traveled to Pakistan after a visit to India, where he met Home Minister P Chidambaram to review Interpol's investigative and counter-terrorism assistance following the Mumbai attacks. The team will 'enhance cooperation in the fight against terrorism in the wake of the September 20 suicide truck bombing at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad’, the statement said. It will provide a classified briefing to Pakistani officials on the Marriott Hotel bombing which killed nearly 60 people, including the Czech envoy and two US Marines. V- Indian Armament Indian arrogance stems from their dominance in military wares. India spends huge resources on military equipment and its upgrade, threatening the neighbors, especially Pakistan which is constrained to spend such money on defense. If India continues to challenge the existence of peace by expanding its missile defence system, the possibility of a renewed arms race between India and Pakistan cannot be ruled out. The two countries have already spent billions of rupees on conventional arms purchase and production in the past, depriving a major portion of the world population of a decent living. By increasing it military outlay year by year, India has always threatened Pakistan and forced it to divert its hard earning to military upgrades. India's missile and nuclear weapons programs have evolved as elements of its strategic response to 50 years of wars and skirmishes with Pakistan and with China. India’s defeat by China in the 1962 border war, probably more than any other event, galvanized its leadership to build missile and nuclear weapons capabilities to attain military superiority over Pakistan and China. Russia has been a major, and at times the only, supplier of arms to India. India has struck arms deals in recent years. India signed a 10-year defence pact with the US in September 2005 allowing joint weapons production, cooperation on missile defence system and the transfer of military technology between India and the US. The MoU which is going to be signed between India and the US seems to be part of that agreement. India has stayed away from putting all its eggs in one basket and courted the deals with as many countries as it thought fit. Following the Mumbai Nov26 and showcasing the terrorism as a necessity, India now wants to use US advance technology to defend its territory and keep its forces in a state of alert. New Delhi is joining hands with Washington to create its own missile shield to destroy ballistic missiles. As per the plan on the eve of Mumbai terrorism agreed upon by both, India will soon sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the US to boost its missile defence system. The missile defence program is intended to be a defensive screen with the ability to track and destroy incoming ballistic missiles. The MoU is aimed at giving India the state of the art technology that will allow it to intercept any threat from ballistic missiles and can then intercept and destroy incoming ballistic missile warheads outside the earth's atmosphere. Mumbai tragedy, thus, seems to be a meticulously planned trial scene by India with possible US help to justify the shield deal, similar to the US decision to place its Shield on the eve of the Sept11. Both are similar terrorisms because there have been enacted to legitimize nuclear and conventional shields. India is one of the unhappiest nations around the world today. India is at fault and every thing happening in India is the making of Indian strategists and media. India's demand for fuel will rise even faster than its population growth and although much demand is met through the use of coal, India's coal reserves are not adequate to support power development on their own India may be able to make significant headway with the Junta and obtain a greater stake in the development of Burma's oil and natural gas fields, attempting to undercut and dislodge the Chinese will prove to be an ultimately fruitless task that damages India's long-term interests and ties with ASEAN, other Asian democracies, and the West.. As such, India must re-evaluate its current policy towards the Junta. Apart from USA, Israel has also come forward to sell its latest weapons system, tested on innocent Palestinians, to the “upgrade” hungry Gandhian India. India and Israel are also determined to crush the movement of Kashmiris and Palestinians respectively where massacre of Muslims keeps on going. The US, India and Israel have increased pressure on Islamabad by implementing anti-Pakistan plot by which these countries. They want to fulfill their sinister strategic designs against Pakistan, China, and the Middle East. Indian terrorism & Sabotages in Pakistan Even though the world is now aware of Indian doctrines of military supremacy in South Asia and its subversive activities, India uses all its resources to create havoc in its neighborhoods. With the help of USA India is engaged in a power game in Afghanistan and kill Muslims in the region. India is involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan causing deadly problems in Pakistan. RAW has an extensive network of agents and anti-government elements within Pakistan, including dissident elements from various sectarian and ethnic groups of Sindh and Punjab. Throughout the Afghan War, RAW was responsible for the planning and executing terrorist activities in Pakistan in order to deter Pakistan from supporting Afghan liberation movement against India’s ally at that time, the Soviet Union. The assistance provided to RAW by the KGB (security police organization of Soviet Russia) enabled RAW to carry out terrorist attacks in Pakistan throughout the Afghan War. The defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan did not end the role of RAW in Pakistan. Indian media hint that Indo-Pakistan war has started following Nov26 when Indian Air terror Forces violated the Pakistan’s air-space and the war is on. Obviously, India deserves a thorough thrash, not in cricket style, but in reality for all that it has been doing to its neighbors, Muslims in particular. That Indian major intelligence wing RAW has been infiltrating into Indian neighborhoods is no news for the world and Jammu Kashmir infested with such people engaged in subversive & sabotage activities. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) remains India’s most powerful intelligence agency. In 1968 India established this special branch of its intelligence service specifically targeted on Pakistan. The formation of RAW was based on the belief that Pakistan was supplying weapons to Sikh terrorists, and providing shelter and training to the guerrillas in Pakistan. RAW, the innocent Indian intelligence, having Indian ‘discretionary grants’ for foreign influence operations, has as many as 40 terrorist training camps at Rajasthan, East Punjab, Held Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and other parts of India are run by the RAW’s Special Service Bureau (SSB). The role played by the RAW in the sectarian violence in Pakistan and else where between Shias and Sunnis, which has resulted in thousands of deaths every year. RAW also executed the hijacking of an Indian Airliner to Lahore in 1971 which was attributed to the Kashmiris, to give a terrorist dimension to the Kashmiri national movement. However, soon the extent of RAW’s involvement was made public. RAW has a long history of activity in Bangladesh, supporting both secular forces and the area’s Hindu minority. From 1981, RAW and the IB established a network of as many as 30 training bases for the Lankan Tamil groups in India. Starting in late 1986 RAW focused surveillance on the LTTE, which was expanding ties with Tamil Nadu separatist groups. While killing Kashmiris with intermittent spree, India always clams Mr. clean status on international arena saying Hindus are non-terrorists and peace lovers, though the entire world knows about Indian state terrorism in Kashmir. However, the Indian government has rebuffed the report of Sharma's arrest and said that spy charges have been hoisted by Pakistan to defame India at the international level. "It's an amateurish way to indict India," a government official said reacting to the report. The News reported that three more Indian nationals were arrested by security forces on a tip-off of provided by arrested Indian terrorist, Satish Anand, Quoting sources the newspaper said that a camera, two pistols and secret maps were recovered from the possession of arrested Indian nationals. As a counter-measure to Mumbai Nov26, Some Indian terrorists have allegedly bombed in two places in Pakistan. On Dec 25, Pakistan intelligence agencies arrested four Indian nationals in connection with a car bomb blast in Lahore. A woman was killed and four persons injured when a car bomb went off in a high-security residential complex for government officials in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore. The explosion occurred at 9:20am (local time) within the Government Officers Residences complex, an area in the capital of Punjab province where senior government officials and judges reside. The man arrested was identified as Sutish Anand Sharma, a resident of Indian city Kolkata. The Pakistan intelligence officials claimed that Sharma was currently living in Pakistan in disguise of Muneer. Some reports suggested that Sharma had earlier worked with the Indian High Commission in London. reports said that Sharma has confessed his hand in the blast and revealed details about his other three associates, who are hiding somewhere in Pakistan. Pakistan officials have recovered three fake national identity cards, three letters and other explosive material and devices from Sharma's possession. The News reported that three more Indian nationals were arrested by security forces on a tip-off of provided by arrested Indian terrorist, Satish Anand, Quoting sources the newspaper said that a camera, two pistols and secret maps were recovered from the possession of arrested Indian nationals. Post-script While Indian government persists with reminders to Islamabad about “unkept promises”, Pakistan insists on reliable concrete evidence supplied directly to Pakistan. By raising the bogey of war threats, India wanted to have an upper hand over Pakistan. "While the de-escalation should soothe the tense nerves of the international community, it was being feared that Islamabad may have edged out India’s concerns. By feeding fears of an imminent conflict between two nuclear-armed rivals, it had ensured that the focus would shift towards conflict prevention. India is already talking in that tone these days. As part of the script, its foreign secretary, it now turns out, even summoned the Indian high commissioner in Islamabad, Satya Pal, to sternly warn him on the need for India to bring down tensions. Sensing the war threat from Indian on fictitious pretexts, Pakistan has been bending backwards to let peace prevail in the region. During the five rounds of the Composite Dialogue, Pakistan initiated Confidence Building Measures (CBMs), but these were never matched by India, which has been dragging its feet over the peace process and stalling the same under one pretext or the other. Deadly threatened by anti-Islamic media, several Muslims are now engaged in a sort of heart-searching by referring to the Holy Quran to denounce terrorism and use western and Hindu leaders to praise so-called secularism. Pakistan witnessed nearly 70 suicide bomb attacks last year and over 50 this year but there have been no instances of any arrest being made immediately after these incidents. But now the continuous terror threat and abusive accusations form India along with Indian terrorist attacks in Pakistan have complicated the situation in Pakistan and lives of Pakistanis. India, its intelligence-cum-media harped on Islamic and Pakistani "terrorism" following Mumbai Nov26 and did not hesitate to point out that Hindus are the “victims”, even though the facts suggest the involvement of Indian agencies in the terror events. Nearly 50 Muslims killed another 40 odd Muslims seriously injured in Mumbai terrorists attacks but the Indian media both print and electronic did not highlight that fact because they all wanted to pass judgments against Muslims by blaming them for the Mumbai Nov26. That is Indian secular and democratic media and intelligence fairness toward the major minority section of Indian community. Investigations are of farcical nature to protect the state criminals and Nov26 cannot be expected to be different and the death of Karkare, whose leadership produced solid evidence against Jehadi terrorists community during its investigation of Malegaon September 29 terrorism (bombing case) will surely affect Malegaon Investigation.. With India and Pakistan standing eyeball to eyeball, it was India that blinked first, with its media and officials admitting defeat on the diplomatic front. The U.S. and China had asked India - in a clear sign of Pakistan’s success - to engage in a dialogue with Pakistan. It’s becoming increasingly evident that India has so far nothing to show for its diplomatic offensive in the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks." Jinnah, known widely as the creator of a 'Muslim State' in North-western and North-eastern corridors of Indian subcontinent, would have loved to hold on to what Sarojni Naidu, the nightingale of India, called him in 1916; the 'Ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity'! He was born on a Christmas day. Jinnah’s nation cannot take Indian bluffs and bully just like that. Obviously, Pakistan is well equipped for a war with India if attacked now. As a non-NATO ally Pakistan’s defense is ensured by US-led NATO. And in the vent of India attacking Pakistan, the NATO would step in. When NATO enters the region, it simply stays, harming the Indian interests and they would even enter India from different directions. Like President Bush, Indian strategists and terrorism specialists are also deeply worried now. Can someone dissuade them from jumping, out of desperation to search for the “terrorists”, into Arabian Sea from Mumbai Gateway!
The author is Delhi based Research Scholar in International Studies and can be reached at

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