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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Gen Musharraf Refuses US Military Help

President General Pervez Musharraf has rejected ‘absolutely and totally’ the prospect
of a joint US-Pakistan military operation to pursue retreating insurgents inside Pakistan,
‘The whole population of Pakistan will rise against it,’ he told CBS news channel in an interview.”
Is General Musharraf telling the truth…or is it the usual bluff and bluster?
In my earlier post I had mentioned that the Bush administration has been saying that “the US forces have been conducting hot pursuit of terrorists into Pakistani territory and will continue to do so if circumstances demand it.
“Dropping all concern for Pakistani sensitivities and any pretence of shielding General Musharraf from a domestic backlash on the issue, a high-ranking US military official told a Senate committee that American forces on Afghanistan’s eastern border routinely fire upon and pursue Taliban enemies into Pakistan.
” ‘We have all the authorities we need to pursue, either with artillery fire or on the ground, across the border,’ Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute told the Senate Armed Services Committee.
“Pakistan had insisted to date that no foreign forces would be allowed to violate its territory.”
Meanwhile General Musharraf said on Friday that Pakistan wants to consolidate its relations with the Russian Federation and to open up new areas of collaboration, reports Pakistan Links.
“The Russian prime minister Mikhail E Fradkov said that Pakistan enjoyed an important place in Russia’s foreign policy. He said that Russia deeply appreciated Pakistan’s endeavours towards peace, amity and prosperity in the region.
“He said he hoped that his visit, the first by a Russian prime minister in 38 years, would go a long way towards improving relations between Russia and Pakistan. He also delivered a written message from President Vladimir Putin to President Musharraf.”
Russia will build new railwaiy lines in Pakistan, including those going toward Iran, says another
news report.
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