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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Is Baitullah Mehsud a British-Indian turn-coat who has been getting arms from NATO forces? The Pakistani establishment thinks so. The Pakistani representative to the UN in a frank letter written to the New York Times blames the trouble in Pakistan on a conspiracy. He thus confirmed reports from China and Iran.
Pakistan is a majorNon-Nato Ally (MNNA). It has a right to look at satellite pictures.
There are news items based on analyst reports which are questioning the British story on training so called Anti-Taliban. This news supposedly sent Mr. Hamid Karzai into a tizzy conniption fit. Karzai reacted by expelling a couple of diplomats and then refused to allow the UN czar to Kabul.
BRITAIN SPEAKS WITH FORKED TONGUE: NATO, America and Britian has been criticizing Pakistan for the peace deals it has made on its own territory with its own citizens. Now we see British and NATO deals with the Taliban all over Afghanistan. Britain recently handed over Musa Qila to the Tliban. How may more saboteur training camps does Britain and NATO have to destabilize Pakistan? Did America know about this. When did they know? Why was intelligence not shared with Pakistan?
Who is playing a double game in Afghanistan and Pakistan? President Musharraf is constantly blamed by the Neocons in the UK and US that he has been playing a double game….fighting Al-Quaida while supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Mr. Karzai and the Northern Alliance blame Pakistan from the highest peaks of the Hindu Kush and shouts it to anyone who has a microphone.
However a more sinister scheme is emerging out of the Helmund training camp fiasco.
Mr. Karzai denied knowledge of the British training the Taliban in Helmund. Some claim that the public spat between Mr. Karzai and the British is a cover up the training program which was discovered by the ISI.
Amazingly the multiple satellites and drones monitoring every inch of the Pakistani-Afghan border could not identify the camps in Helmund. How long before other such sabotage camps are discovered? How many more are there?
PAKISTANI REACTION TO BRITISH ACTS OF SABOTAGE: Captured elements in the Red Mosque and in Swat and Waziristan and Rawalpindi pointed the Pakistani authorities to the British forces training the Taliban. The ISI discovered the British moves and informed Mr. Karzai. Mr. Karzai was furious. He expelled British officers and did not allow the new UN representative to come to Afghanistan.
The Pakistan army annihilated the “Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan” in Swat and expediting the “hearts and minds” campaign. Thrown out of Swat, Baitullah Mehsud offered a cease fire, which was eventually accepted.
Every time there is a peace deal. A drone bombs a village and unknown saboteurs inflame the situation by destroying the cease fire. A pinch of powder on smoldering coals is all that it takes. A peace deal has been signed in Waziristan. After a horrible year, we have had 4 days of a relative “peace”. How long before a drone sabotages it? We are sure, as soon as the term “peace deal” was heard by the powers to be, the pressure must have started mounting on Islamabad to ditch the deal.
Mulla Umar leads the Afghan “Taliban” and Baitullah Mehsud leads the break away splinter group called ”Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan” led by . Mullah Umar the Afghan Taliban want to concetrate on fighting occupation forces in Afghanistan. The “Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan” with foreign backing challenged the Pakistan state. Foreign links connected to the “Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan”were discovered by the Pakistani ISI.
Another Peace deal between Pakistanis! How long before another drone sabotages peace?

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Almas Jacob [We Are Watchers] said...

So it means Mark Of the Beast coming to Pakistan. Whole RFID System is to enslave innocent people.