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Monday, April 14, 2008

Shaheed or Halak ? - Ghazi Abdul Rashid
By Teeth Maestro on Jul 12, 2007 in Islam, Musharraf, Pakistan, Politics

Ever since the afternoon of the faithful day when in between the intense fighting at the Lal Masjid, the Pakistan Army victoriously announced the death of the head militant of Lal Masjid Maulana Ghazi Abdul Rashid. Watching the news reports come through on all news channels I did notice that everyone was refraining to tag his death as a Shahdat. For many non-Muslims reading this article, it might seem to be a trivial issue but to a Muslim it means a world of a difference. A simple naming terminology is of no consequence to the soul in this world but it means a phenomenal difference in life-here-after. Quite simply its a decision to be made by Allah for him on the day of the Judgment.
A shaheed is a title that is given to a Muslim after his death, if he died during the fulfillment of a religious commandment. For a moment lets forget the political issues surrounding the crisis, coming to the root of the issue it was Ghazi Abdul Rashid who was defending the integrity of Islam challenging the ineffectiveness of the government in implementing the sharia law hence allowing a progressive degradation of our society. Without doubt Right or Wrong Maulana Shazi Abdul Rashid was defending his place of worship and was fulfilling his religious duties in this process.Shaheed is a title for a Muslim when he dies for Islam While on the other hand the aggressors (Pakistan Army) were overwhelmingly attacking the mosque to the extent of destroying a large portion of the property throughout the compound. Hence can easily be labeled as aggressors against Islam, which is probably the highest crime for a Muslim. The jawans may be following order but it must be remembered that if one of the jawans were to loose his life in battle against Islam cannot be labeled as a Shaheed simply because he was a Muslim.
I share with you an interesting email I received by Mr. M Javed Iqbal who portrays a very compelling argument, which actually also got me thinking about this important issue. I quote…
During the attack on Lal Masjid and Madarsah Hafsa a question that was repeatedly raised was ‘ Who is “Shaheed” and who is “Halak”.’
In my opinion the distinction is crystal clear. The mistake and mischief lies with the initiator. Who started knocking down masajid in the capital of Islamic Republic of Pakistan? If I am traveling and somebody open fires on me, I have a right to defend myself and fire back at him. Therefore we must understand that what Ghazi brothers did was in self defence. The pity is Mullahs of the country have been corrupted by Musharraf by offering nice salaries and perks to them, hence they failed to point out that the sanctity of a masjid was to be safeguarded at all costs. No Muslim can dare attack a masjid, because it is Allah house.
Accordingly security forces, army men and rangers who attacked Lal Masjid are jahunumi and the fighters of Lal Masjid are shuhdaa and shall Insha Allah Will be rewarded with Paradise. Each officer or jawan must have refused to obey illegal order of attacking a masjid. They could say: “Look sir ! we joined the army to protect the Masajid and save women and children, not for destroying and killing them”.
Since they gave preference to order of the officer over Order of Allah, they are mahluk and jahanumi.
The brave fight back of Ghazi Abdul Rashid is an eye opener. When most of the Mullas just talked he challenged the illegal and immoral acts of Musharraf regime of knocking down 90 year old masajid of Islamabad and kept fighting for the cause till death. On such noble death Mir has said:
Marge Majnun pe aqal gum hai MirKiya Diwane ne maut pai hai !Most Mullas could not see this fine line and remained indifferent, although they could have raised hue and cry against desecration of masajid. We should not forget that Quran says “Allah is Most Powerful and Revengeful” Every party can see his image in this mirror!
Considering the issue, I feel convinced that the sad demise of Ghazi Abdul Rashid should be labeled as a Shaheed and full respect offered to the body in regards to its proper dignified burial. I would hold the Pakistani Army responsible to the extent of disobeying the Islamic Law to which they all have sworn to uphold.
He died defending the religion of Islam against the evil forces.
I hope that, you too, would join me in prayer hoping that Allah would confer the title of Shahdat upon Shaheed Ghazi Abdul Rashid and grant him his deserved place in the life-here-after.

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