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Saturday, June 14, 2008

US want honorable exit for Musharraf: Patterson
ISLAMABAD: Anne W Patterson, the US ambassador to Pakistan, has said the United States wants an honourable and peaceful exit for President Pervez Musharraf.
"We are not apologetic about our policy on Musharraf. We are trying to secure an honorable and peaceful exit for him," Ms Patterson was quoted by Imtiaz Gul in his report being published on Friday in weekly Pulse magazine.
The American ambassador was asked about why the United States was apologetic about Musharraf. She was reminded that none of the civilian prime ministers had an honorable exit, then why bother about a person who lives in a total disconnect from the ground realities?
"Times have changed and we need to look beyond Musharraf," responded the US ambassador.
"While Pakistan continues to reel under the consequences of Shaukat Aziz’s short-sighted and self-promoting finance management policies and financial, energy and politico-judicial crisis is giving way to alarm and uncertainty, the American administration is looking for an "honorable exit" for the person (Pervez Musharraf) who has lorded over the country and remained practically unquestioned for almost eight years," comments Mr Gul.

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