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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Al Qaeda Fighters to settle in Somalia and in Yemen

ennahar 12 June, 2009 08:09:00

Dozens of fighters from Al Qaeda are trying to leave their base in Pakistani tribal areas to move to Somalia and Yemen, reported Friday the New York Times.
Extremist groups present in all three countries communicate more and more, apparently in order to coordinate their actions according to officials of the U.S. government, defense and intelligence surveyed by the daily. This geographical repositioning is explained, said a senior U.S. administration, by the enormous pressure we put on the leaders and intermediate ranks of Al Qaeda, through drone attacks launched from Pakistan and Afghanistan, which have intensified since the installation of the U.S. president Barack Obama. “Al Qaeda has been struck by attacks of drones and this has generated great uncertainty among them,” said the Pakistani retired general Talaat Massoud, now military analyst based in Islamabad. “Many of the fighters of Al Qaeda are nervous and they may leave for Somalia and other fronts of jihad (holy war), but “the core, however will want to stay,” he said. According to the daily New York, another explanation comes from the fact that extremist violence is a growing business in Somalia, a country whose state structures have been destroyed, and Yemen, where central government is weak. The CIA director, Leon Panetta, said Thursday that the intelligence agency was particularly interested in these two countries, seen as potential sanctuaries for Al Qaeda. But its leader, Osama bin Laden is still hiding in Pakistan, he said to the press. Ennaharonline/ M. Oudina

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