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Sunday, June 28, 2009

India no threat to Pak: Army Chief

Hyderabad, June 27: The chief of army staff, Gen Deepak Kapoor, today sought to allay Pakistan’s apprehensions over the positioning of troops along its border by asserting that India was never a threat to its neighbor.It’s their own perception of threat, but India has never been a threat to Pakistan despite having superior forces,” the army chief said, reacting to a statement made by Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari on troop deployment along the border.We on our side like to live as peaceful neighbours,” he told newsmen at the combined graduation parade of the Indian air force cadets at the Air force academy at Dindigul near here today.Replying to a question, the army chief said adequate troops were positioned along the border with Pakistan. “We will be happy if Pakistan fights militancy not only on its western borders but also on the eastern border (India),” Gen Kapoor added.To a question on China, the army chief said, “We have reasonably good relations with that country and there is no question of any kind of threat”.Gen Kapoor pointed out that there were some problems in terms of the unsettled border dispute.A mechanism has been put in place with top leaders on both sides trying to settle the border dispute with China. Hopefully, it gets resolved soon, the top army official added.Referring to the shortage of officers in the Indian army, the chief said there were plans to increase the tenure of short service commission officers to fill the gap to an extent. Plans are afoot to open a second training academy for army officers. It will materialize soon, Gen Kapoor said.

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