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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pakistan Must Ban Indian/Afghan Over-flights

Pakistan Must Ban Indian/Afghan Over-flights

Does the Pakistani government know what is being transported on the planes that ply the Delhi-Kabul and Amritsar-Kabul routes over Pakistan? Certainly not Indian tourists. We suspect it’s weapons and intelligence operators. These flights are bound to increase in view of the crushing blow that Indian assets are receiving at the hands of the Pakistani military on the Pak-Afghan border. To be on the safe side and expose Indian support for terrorism in the region, Pakistan must announce this ban. The pro-US elected government will not do it. The military should push for this.

By Sajid M. Ansari
Wednesday, 17 June 2009.

KARACHI, Pakistan—We have evidence now [some of it published on this form – see links at bottom] that the India-U.S. combine has been supplying arms to “fake Taliban” and that India is also using its bearded soldiers inside Paksitan’s FATA, Swat, Dir, Hangu, Bunair, Malakand, Bannu, Timmergran and other areas, posing as “Taliban”, stoking a war that has caused the displacement of three million Pakistani residents of these areas.

These fake Taliban and Indian agents, besides killing hundreds of innocent citizens also killed more than 600 gallant soldiers of Pakistan army in this undeclared war by India and Afghanistan, of course in collaboration with US.

One way the Indians are consolidating their military-intelligence presence in Afghanistan is through the Kabul-New Delhi air route over Pakistan.

There are no Indians who travel to Afghanistan for fun. So the regular flights on this route are being used for something. Chances are this something is large caches of arms/ammunition and manpower. Our incompetent Pakistani government official won’t know anything about these shipments.

With the massive losses that the fake Taliban are incurring at the hands of the Pakistani military and the discovery of a large number of non-Muslim fighters among them, in addition to Indian-made weapons in some cases, it is a possibility that the Indians will try to beef up support to the terrorists to bog down the Pakistani military.

Therefore, in view of these facts, the Pakistani government should put an immediate ban on over-flights by Indian and Afghan air planes, only between Delhi/Amritsar and Kabul, as long as our armed forces are busy in cleaning-up the Indian/CIA agents in FATA and the cities of NWFP.

The Pakistani government can justify this by saying it has evidence that some of these countries are involved in terrorism inside Pakistan and that this measure is temporary.

As a reaction India and Afghanistan may also put ban on our civilian aircraft routes. If this happens, then Pakistan should not hesitate to put a permanent ban on Indian flights across Pakistani airspace. The losses, as the experience of 2002 shows, are far more real on the Indian side.

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