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Friday, October 2, 2009

Trespassers will be shot: Pakistan

(Islam, Militancy, Current Affairs)

By Dr Shahid Qureshi

“Trespassers will be shot and survivors will be shot again”, a message from a Pakistani for the ‘private mercenaries’ hanging around in Islamabad probably covertly protecting a wimp president and a pimp regime?

Kerry Logar Bill is to put Pakistan on killing softly plan, dismantle the armed forces, brain dead all security and intelligence agencies, so Indians and Israelis can have a good time walking around the country. This is already happening in the form of arrival of private mercenaries. Zardari’s favourite Pakistani ambassador to US Husain Haqqani issuing visas to ‘killers and murderers’ mercenaries and Rehman Malik is providing them shelter/amnesty and full intelligence support in Pakistan.

Kerry Logar Bill is a diet plan for Pakistan ‘dead but alive’ like Israelis put Gaza on a diet? The disgraceful behaviour of mentally crippled President Asif Zardari on US $1.5 billion aid to Pakistan with humiliating terms and conditions is the extreme of treachery. He will be remembered as Mir Jafar of Pakistan whose treachery lead to 200 years British rule in India. Some one sarcastically said, ‘Zardari shares his faith with Mir Jafar too’? People concerned must think hard that why they are being used over and over again, and those who betrayed their country from Ali Alkamee in Baghdad, Mir Jafar in Bengal, Mir Sadiq betrayed Tipu Sultan, Yayah Khan, Skindar Mirza are coming from same minority?

Chinese might be agreed to invest in small projects and even help in other ways but obviously might not be able to make Swiss bank transfers or kick backs etc. “Pakistanis wealth in foreign banks is estimated over $200 billion. Only 45 Pakistanis have deposited $23 billions in foreign banks. Any loyal and right minded would bring his own wealth back into Pakistan first then ask others to follow? Zardari, Nawaz and others should bring their wealth back to Pakistan? I told Senator Farooq Naik to bring another NRO so they could bring money back in London. He said, ‘OK’.

Why would Taliban leadership live in Pakistan when they are already controlling 85% of their own country Afghanistan?

Pakistan's international debt is approximately $68 billion which Pakistan's real friends could clear off but this regime deliberately took Pakistan into this so called trap laid by group of ‘friends of democratic Pakistan’?

It seems Pakistanis would need to fight another war of independence from within to eliminate the corrupt slavish elements hand picked from tiny minorities who are not missing a single chance to alienate Pakistan from its friends like Saudi Arabia and China? The influence of minority is always a reflection of their total population but if almost all the powerful positions go to a minority group or groups then it is worrying because progress is unnatural? Current regime is lead by minority groups with the history of treachery and collaborations with foreign forces.

Pakistan’s visionary statesman Zulifqar Ali Bhutto said to me ‘these ‘Ahmadis – Qadiyanis’, want us to give them same kind of control and influence on policies (in Pakistan) like Jews in the USA’, wrote Colonel Rafidudin on page 67 in his book ‘Bhutto’s Last 323 Days’. Colonel was chief security officer in Jail.

If the diet plan keep going with the pace as is now there is a high possibility that these leafy locations become a target of angry and hungry people. The question is what Pakistanis would do? Well an ‘awareness movement’ is necessary and strict laws to counter mafias to provide relief to the people of Pakistan. Otherwise few trucks would be enough to eliminate the exclusive suburban bungalows and villas in the fancy towns of Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad? Message for the elite is start sharing with the poor and needy. Pakistan and US have something in common and that is ‘Greedy’ elite of Wall Street and corrupt mafias of Pakistan.

I told a US diplomatic couple stationed in London at a reception on 29th September 2009, ‘how families of young soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq would feel if they find out that their loved one were killed because of the ‘greed’ of defence contactors and not fighting national interests of the country? You know you can’t win in Afghanistan because you don’t have boots on the ground and more soldiers mean more deaths? Why don’t Indians send their soldiers in Afghanistan to fight Taliban controlling 85% of Afghanistan?

US policy in Afghanistan is lead by the greed of the defence contractors; Wall Street influenced financiers and mercenaries. US is in denial and instead of cutting loses they are drowning in the mess created by the Indians and its allies?

According to reports only 5% militancy in Afghanistan is linked with Pakistani tribal areas due to historical reasons. So what are US and allies doing about the 95% indigenous insurgency in Afghanistan? US must open the doors for dialogue with all the groups as British are doing for long lasting peace in the region. More troops in Afghanistan mean more causalities and civilian loss of life.

It is quite absurd that Pakistani agencies would be moving Taliban assets from Baluchistan to Karachi? Why would Taliban leadership live in Pakistan when they are already controlling 85% of their own country Afghanistan? US should stop this lamb and the fox story and read the writing on the walls of Pakistan, “Trespassers will be shot and survivors will be shot again”

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